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Serious Gents EP.15

Stop by and check out the gents as they discuss different topics and get passionate about certain events around the world. Thanks so much for all the support from FB through YouTube! We will see you back next Sunday at 11:00AM CST! As always Stay Serious! Have a great and safe work week! Tombstone –TwitterTwitch:Continue reading “Serious Gents EP.15”

New Serious Lady

Major shout-out to our new Serious Lady Pikalyn! Let’s all welcome her to Team Serious! Don’t forget to stop by and check her out! Links will be provided below! As always thank you for all the support and feedback! The Serious Ladies will be back next Wednesday at 7:30PM CST! Stay Tuned and always STAYContinue reading “New Serious Lady”

Serious Ladies – Rage Mode

Thanks you so much for all the support we always receive from everyone. HelloJimmi, SageRage, GroovyLolly and Ashes hit on some really good subjects to include metal health. If you missed the stream no worries! The YouTube VOD is here to save the day! See you next Wednesday at 7:30PM CST! #StaySerious HelloJimmi –Twitter: reading “Serious Ladies – Rage Mode”

Serious Gents EP 14

Thanks everyone for dropping by and listening to your Tech Talk session with TombStone, FlapTrap and TheyCallMeFelix. Don’t forget to check out the tool mention in our podcast FlapAndSmack –Twitter: Serious Discord: Tombstone –TwitterDiscord United Vindication: Phillip Thomas –

Serious Gents EP.13

You don’t wanna miss this one! Many thanks to TombStone, Merc, FlapAndSmack for joining us today on this eventful Serious Gents Podcast. What was your favorite part of the podcast? Let us know in the comments! See you next week! #StaySerious! FlapAndSmack –Twitter: Serious Discord: Tombstone –TwitterDiscord United Vindication: Merc –Twitter:Continue reading “Serious Gents EP.13”


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