Serious Ladies & Gents Collab

Serious Ladies and Serious Gents Thanksgiving collaboration in full effect!Thanks so much for the serious ladies taking time to host the gents as we talk turkey, tradition and games! The Serious Ladies will be taking a two week break and the VOD will be available on Wednesday Nov 18 at 7:30 PM on YouTube Premiere!Continue reading “Serious Ladies & Gents Collab”

Serious Gents EP.23

Thank you so much for taking the time to support these fine gentlemen! We are going on break for 2 weeks we will return on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 11AM CST! If you missed this last episode check out the YouTube VOD! Until then #StaySerious FlapAndSmack –Twitter: Serious Discord: Tombstone –Twitter: reading “Serious Gents EP.23”

Serious Gents EP.22

Serious Gentlmen are back at it again talking Tech, Games, Streaming and more!Thanks for all the support as always and if you missed the Stream no worries here is the YouTube VOD and don’t forget we are on all Podcasting Audio only podcast! Until Next Sunday at 11AM CST – #StaySerious !!! Brozine –Twitter: reading “Serious Gents EP.22”

Serious Ladies – Serious Wine

The Serious Ladies once again deliver another fun wine episode as they chill back and talk about whatever they feel like talking about! Don’t forget if you missed it you can always check out the YouTube VOD! We will see you next Wednesday at 8pm CST! #StaySerious HelloJimmi –Twitter: Discord: SageRage –Twitter:Continue reading “Serious Ladies – Serious Wine”

Seriously Hangry Podcast!

Thanks so much for all the love and support from everyone that shows up to the Ladies podcast! if you missed it as always the direct link to your YouTube VOD will be linked below! See you next Wednesday at 8PM CST! #StaySerious HelloJimmi –Twitter: Discord: SageRage –Twitter: Discord: reading “Seriously Hangry Podcast!”

Serious Gent EP.20

Serious Gents are back at it again with these Serious topics! Don’t forget to check out the homies at UV with their podcast! show them that Serious Love! We will be back here on Sunday at 11AM CST! #StaySerious see you next time! Twizted –Twitch: Tombstone –Twitch:

Super Serious Ladies

Another completed podcast for the Serious Ladies. These ladies always do a super job of making this podcast fun and funny to watch. The ladies will be back next Wednesday at 8PM CST! As always stay safe and #StaySerious HelloJimmi –Twitter: Discord: SageRage –Twitter: Discord: GroovyLolly –Twitter: reading “Super Serious Ladies”

Serious Gentlemen EP.19

Team Serious and United Vindication partner up for December 11-13 of 2020 for mental health awareness weekend. Thanks everyone for all the support and stopping by and checking out the live podcast. Tech talk podcast which the gents discuss Zen3 release on November 5th! We will see you next Sunday at 11AM CST! #StaySerious ViciousContinue reading “Serious Gentlemen EP.19”