Team Serious DFW Dudes Podcast!

Thanks everyone for showing that Team Serious Love! We truly appreciate all the love and support from both Serious Community and UV Community. Shout-out to the whole cast of the Serious Dudes, FlapAndSmack, Tombstone and Phillip Thomas! If you missed the stream no worries check out the YouTube VOD! Gamer Grind is a proud SponsorContinue reading “Team Serious DFW Dudes Podcast!”

Serious Ladies End of Series

Thanks everyone for hanging out in the Live streams! We appreciate all the support everyone has provided! if you missed the Live stream no worries catch us on YouTube! This ends the series of the ‘Serious Ladies’ of Team Serious. Much love and appreciation to the Serious community and thanks everyone that participated in ourContinue reading “Serious Ladies End of Series”