Team Serious version 1.0 – Late 1999-2005 started of as a Counter-Strike clan representing the DFW by going to events such as The CPL and TangoLan. We competed in tournaments across DFW before E-Sports was even a word much less a following.

Team Serious version 2.0 – Fast forward to 2006 till today, Version 1.0 separated because of military duty, college and work life. Generation 2.0 took over in 2006 which was less competitive and more casual and strived to create a culture just to hang out.

Team Serious version 3.0 – We are combining the vision of 1.0 and 2.0 and recreating a following that not only consists of casual gaming but a competitive side as well as a community outreach program.

Vision – Good exposure that the gaming industry lacks, our goal is to create a legacy for this generation and many more. To uplift them to an E-Sport level. The ultimate goal would be to have a Team Serious Dallas team to represent Texas and its local communities.

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